XI Annual Tulane Undergraduate Conference on Latin America


Saturday, November 23rd, 2013
8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Greenleaf Conference Room
100A Jones Hall

The Stone Center’s annual TUCLA conference is an interdisciplinary undergraduate symposium in which seniors from the Latin American Studies core seminar present their individual research projects. The conference is designed to enlist all of Tulane’s Latin American Studies seniors in a shared discussion of the region, its society and its cultures. This event is free and open to the public.

SESSION I 9:00am-10:30am

Panel 1: Welfare (Jones 100A – GCR)
Body Control: Women, Power, and Politics in Latin America

Margaret Horton, “From the Atacama to the Araucanía: fertile ground for feminist policymaking in Chile”
Olivia Heil, “The Brothel of the Caribbean?: Rethinking the Notion of Prostitution in Contemporary Cuba”
Finley Baba, “Quechua Contraception: Abortion and Reproductive Health Policy in Andean Ecuador”

SESSION II 10:45am-12:15pm

Panel 2: Nation (Jones 100A – GCR)
Crafting Modern Cuba: Cultural Production, Globalization, and International Politics

Lilly Shaber, “Within the Revolution, Everything. Outside the Revolution, Nothing: The Democratization of Cuba’s Film Industry in a Global Age”
Jake Von Heill, “Cuba Libre: Are the Political and Social Changes Now Taking Place in Cuba Enough to the Lift the Embargo?”
Katie Field, “The Changing Importance of ‘Literary Culture’ to Post-Revolutionary Cuban Identity”

SESSION III 1:00pm-2:45pm – (2 simultaneous panels)

Panel 3: Identity (Jones 100A – GCR)
Mobility in the Margins: Positioning for Power and Prestige across Spatial, Racial, and Occupational Hierarchies in Latin America

Anthony Taillie, “The Neoliberal Backlash: The Chilean Student Movement and the Dawn of a New Political Era”
Laura Sibert, “Who’s the Top Banana?: Corporate Institutionalization of Race and Mobility in Central American Banana Enclaves of the Twentieth Century”
Sophie-Ann Kivett, “Hands in the Trash, Heads out of the Trash: The Cartoneros of Buenos Aires and State Policies of Inclusion”
Max Pattsner, “With Soccer We Will Pave the Jungle: How the 2014 World Cup Will Disproportionately Benefit Brazil’s Hyper-Remote Host Cities”

Panel 4: Encounter (Jones 204)
The Best Laid Plans: the Elusive(?) Quest for Justice and Development in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil

Zachary Hoyt, “From Tweets to the Street: Social Media, Democracy, and Crisis Politics in Brazil”
John Feffer, “‘No más lucro!’: Will the student movement finally be successful in bringing about meaningful education reform in Chile?”
Angela Filardo, “‘Ni olvido ni perdón’: Measuring Success in Argentina’s Human Rights Trials”
Robin Imogene Goode, “For Honor and Country (Maybe): Questioning the Agenda of Rio’s 2016 Olympic Bid”

TUCLA is sponsored by the Stone Center for Latin American Studies. For more information please contact James Huck, jhuck@tulane.edu or call 504-865-5164.