Schedule “Knowledge and Power” Conference 2017

LAGO Graduate Student Conference

January 27th, 28th, and 29th, 2017
Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana

Location of Panels:

Weinmann Hall (WH) rooms 302 and 304
Greenleaf Conference Room, Jones Hall 100A

Registration: Friday 8:30am-3:00pm; Saturday 8:30am-2:00pm
Location: Greenleaf Conference Room, Jones Hall 100A

Friday, January 27, 2017

Morning Session A 9:30-11:00 – Spanish/Portuguese/English Panel

Urban Spaces in South America

  1. “Sobre urbes y utopías: Guayaquil y Cartagena se modernizan” María Beatriz Haro Carrión, Tulane University
  2. “Arte para todos. Las asociaciones barriales como espacios de acceso popular a la cultura en Buenos Aires 1910-1940” Catalina Fara, CONICET / IDAES-UNSAM
  3. “Deslocamento e reconfiguração de espaços no cinema brasileiro: o caso de ‘Linha de Passe’ e ‘Que horas ela volta?’” Angela Mooney, Tulane University
  4. “Putting Favelas Back on the Map: Digital Mapping Technology and Social Exclusion in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro” Natalie Southwick, University of Denver

Moderator: Dr. Thomas Reese
Location:  WH 302

Morning Session B 9:30-11:00

Transnational Mobility: Investments, Immigrants, and Ideas

  1. “Potential Futures of Chinese Foreign Aid and Government-Sponsored Investment Activity in Latin America ”Adam Ratzlaff, University of Denver
  2. “Making the beast work: The infrastructure of mobility, visibility and belonging in southern México” Justin Quinn, University of Florida
  3. “Chupacabras: The Myth of the Bad Immigrant” Silvia Rodriguez Vega, University of California at Los Angeles

Moderator: Dr. Jana Lipman
Location:  WH 304

Late Morning Session C 11:15-12:45

Popular Knowledge and Solidarity

  1. “Local Knowledge, Local Solutions: Empowering Citizens in South America” Kate DeMoss, Tulane University
  2. “Language, Literacy, and Knowledge: an Analysis of the Bolivian Bilingual Literacy Project in Reproductive Health” Jennifer Zelmer, New York University
  3. “Gender, Solidarity And Education: The Transformation Of Consciousness In Ten Popular Women Of Rural Quito Ecuador” Gabriela López Alvaro, University of California at San Diego

Moderator: Dr. Pamela Neumann
Location:  WH 302

Late Morning Session D 11:15-12:45

Agriculture in Praxis: Economic and Political Effects

  1. “Specialty Coffee and the Quasi-Solution to the Fiscal Precarity of Coffee Farming” Sabrina Hernandez, University of New Mexico
  2. “Sugarland” Holly Devon, Tulane University

Moderator: Dr. Jimmy Huck
Location:  WH 304

LUNCH 12:45-1:30 (On your Own)

Early Afternoon Session E 1:30-3:00

Rural Communities: Territory and Resistance  

  1. “The territory as a victim: The challenges of assessing the impacts of war among indigenous and black communities in Colombia” Daniel Ruiz-Serna, McGill University
  2. “State, Capital, and Quilombo: Fugitive Slave Communities and Information Bartering in Northern Brazil, 1880-1930” Johnathan Abreu, University of California at San Diego
  3. “The Unthinkable Choice: Climate Change, the US, and Haiti’s Human Rights” Erin Lierl, Tulane University

Moderator: Dr. Christopher Dunn
Location:  WH 302

Early Afternoon Session F 1:30-3:00 – Bilingual Spanish/English Panel

Education Systems and Globalization 

  1. “La reforma en Educación Media Superior en México. Implicaciones socio-culturales de la cobertura y la calidad educativa en el proceso de globalización” Berenice Amador Saavedra, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  2. “The creation of a service generation in the Costa Rican education system” Maria Jose Ramos Villagra, University of New Mexico
  3. “Understanding Linguistic Isolation: Quantifying Inclusion & Highlighting New Orleans Public Schools Working to Accommodate Latino Limited English Proficient Families” Gwendolyn Murray Havneraas, Tulane University

Moderator: Dr. Amy George-Hirons
Location:  WH 304

Latin American Library Tour, 1:30-3:00

Come check out our library! Details forthcoming.

Late Afternoon Session G 3:30-5:00

Gangs, Drugs, and Prisons

  1. “Condemned to fail: the conservative media and El Salvador’s gang truce” Katya Quintanilla Avalos, Simon Fraser University
  2. “Mexico’s False War Against Drugs” Ashley Orona, University of California, Berkeley
  3. “A Transnational Feminist Approach to Prison, Femicide, and Necropolitics in Greater Mexico” Joe Hiller, Tulane University

Moderator: Dr. Felipe Cruz
Location: WH 302

Late Afternoon Session H 3:30-5:00

Feminisms and Gender

  1. “’Cuando tú hablas de poder’: Bridging literacies with voice and desire in Santiago de Chile” Amanda Lotspike, New York University
  2.  “Representations of Afro-Cuban Female Identity” Lucia Momoh, Tulane University
  3. “Intervention of Self-Consolidation through the Other: Doing as Undoing” Dominique Salas, Tulane University

Moderators: Dr. Mimi Schippers & Dr. Lauren Heintz
Location:  WH 304

Community Event: 6:30-9:00 pm

Birth, Bodies, and Borders: Migration, Labor, and Reproductive Justice in New Orleans
A panel discussion with community organizers followed by an Open Mic

Presented by LAGO Tulane in collaboration with Birthmark Doula Collective, Big Class, Clínica Colibrí and other community partners

*Free food and drink provided by Black Swan Food Experience
*Free childcare available
*Bring a poem, song, or anything else to present at the Open Mic!
*Simultaneous interpretation from English-Castellano available

Location: Arts Estuary 1024
1024 Elysian Fields Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

Food and Drink: 6:30-7
Panel: 7-8
Open Mic: 8-9

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Early Morning Session I 9:30-11:00

Archaeology: Tourism and Research in Local Contexts

  1. “Archaeological tourism and indigenous communities: A comparative view” Luke Auld-Thomas, Tulane University
  2. “Archaeological Research and Interactions with Local Communities in Guatemala” Jocelyne Ponce, Tulane University; Rodrigo Guzmán, University of Central Florida
  3. “Maya Archaeology and Community Engagement in Yucatan, Mexico” Kirsty Escalante, Tulane University
  4. “The Power of the Past: A Case Study of Archaeological Heritage in Latin America” Ryan Hechler, Tulane University

Moderator: Rachel Horowitz
Location:  WH 302

Early Morning Session J 9:30-11:00 – Bilingual Spanish/English Panel

Cultural Production and Community Engagement

  1. “The Political and the Aesthetic: Mexico’s Grupo Proceso Pentagono” Megan Flattley, Tulane University
  2. “Understanding Political Engagement Among the Post-Dictatorship Generation in Chile” Madelyn Boots, University of California at San Diego
  3. “Finis hispania 1898: el ‘desastre’ de cuba visto por los dibujantes de la revista madrileña don quijote, mes a mes (enero-agosto ’98)” Jorge Casalduero, Arizona State University

Moderator: Dr. Adrian Anagnost
Location:  WH 304

Early Morning Session K 9:30-11:00 – Bilingual Spanish/English Panel

International Education in Cuba

  1. “Una mirada desde Cuba al intercambio académico-cultural con estudiantes norteamericanos” Adiley Cruz, Casa Américas
  2. “Retos de la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera en Cuba” Susel Gutiérrez Torres, Universidad de la Habana

Moderator: Dr. Carolina Caballero
Location: Greenleaf Conference Room (Jones Hall 100A)

Late Morning Session L 11:15-12:45 – Bilingual Spanish/English Panel

Land and the Environment

  1. “The Role of Education in the Environmental Protection of Havana Bay” Handy Acosta, Tulane University
  2. “Campaña de Medio Ambiente para la protección y cuidado de los manglares del Municipio de Guamá, Santiago de Cuba” Yanet Cruz Portorreal, Universidad de Oriente
  3.  “The New Wave of Colonialism: Privatization of Indigenous Q’eqchi’ Lands in Northern Guatemala” Emma Dunn, University of Denver
  4. “Entomological Searches in Rural Southern Ecuador: Reclaiming the Home as a Safe Space” Erika Marken-Gallo, Ohio University; Emilia Alonso-Marks, Ohio University

Moderator: Dr. William Balée
Location:  WH 302

Late Morning Session M 11:15-12:45

Latinx in the U.S.

  1. “Navigating Family, Labor, and Spirituality at the Intersection of Trans and Latinx” Jacqueline Caraves, University of California at Los Angeles
  2. “Tagging into existence: Latinx Youth Navigating Identity, Space, and Criminalization through Tagging” Kimberly Soriano, University California at Santa Barbara
  3. “Power, Privilege and the Latina Body: The fight for Puerto Rican women’s reproductive freedom from the 1950s to 1970s” Bianca Martinez, University of California at San Diego

Moderator: Sarah Fouts
Location:  WH 304

LUNCH 1:00-2:00

A Hot Lunch Will be Provided by LAGO and the Stone Center- Grab a Bite and Chat with Your Fellow Presenters!

Early Afternoon Session N 2:15-3:45

Sound and Spectacle

  1. “Sounding in, out, and as the Festival: loudspeakers and the Folklore Festival of Parintins, Brazil” Maria Fantinato Geo de Siqueira, Columbia University
  2. “Supernatural Song: Exotica, Opera, and the Voice in the Mythology of Yma Sumac” Amy Medvick, Tulane University

Moderator: Dr. Daniel Sharp
Location: WH 302

Early Afternoon Session O 2:15-3:45 – Bilingual Spanish/English Panel

Popular Agricultural Knowledge

  1. “Agrarian pasts, agrarian futures?: Mexican immigrant farmworkers in the Pacific Northwest” Alex Korsunsky, Vanderbilt University
  2. “Creating Space for Indigenous Agricultural Production in Urban Environments: The Case of the Ecuadorian Amazon” Jacqueline Kramer, University of New Mexico
  3. “Emancipación y comunidad: la escuela-ayllu de Warisata en Bolivia” Valeria Canelas, Notre Dame University

Moderator: Dr. Judith Maxwell
Location: WH 304

Early Afternoon Session P 2:15-3:45 – Spanish Language Panel

Producción Cultural Cubana: A Discussion with Designer Luis Javier Merlo and Author Eduardo Corzo

  1. “Reciclando con Arte” Luis Javier Merlo
  2. “Estampas de asuntos oscuros” Eduardo Corzo, Facultad de Arquitectura del Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría

Moderator: Dr. Manuel García-Castellón, University of New Orleans
Location: Greenleaf Conference Room (Jones Hall 100A)

Dr. Cassandra White, 4:00PM-5:30PM
Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease), Migration, Politics, and Power in the Americas

Cassandra White is a cultural/medical anthropologist whose primary research focus over the last two decades has been on the experiences of people affected by Hansen’s Disease (leprosy) in Brazil and the United States. She has conducted research in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and among first generation migrants to the U.S. on this topic. Dr. White has traveled to and conducted research in Brazil since 1992, and she has directed six Georgia State University study abroad programs/ethnographic field schools in Rio de Janeiro. She conducts research in Rio with student collaborators on urban transformations associated with the World Cup (2014) and Olympic Games (2016). She is also currently conducting research on perceptions of “extended” breastfeeding in the United States among women who breastfeed their children longer than what is often perceived as “normal” in this cultural context.

Location: Greenleaf Conference Room (Jones Hall 100A)

PACHANGA 5:30 PM-7:00 PM: Come enjoy free Cuban food, live music, and drinks on our patio outside Jones Hall.

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Networking and Sightseeing