Program update for Sunday: Guided tour of Per(Sister) at Newcomb Art Museum!

Join us for a tour of Newcomb Art Museum’s new incredible exhibition, Per(Sister) with Megan Flattley, curatorial research assistant! Sunday, February 3, 11:00 am.

Newcomb Art Museum has partnered with formerly incarcerated women, community organizations, stakeholders, and those directly impacted by the prison system to create the exhibition Per(Sister), which is intended to share the stories of currently and formerly incarcerated women in Louisiana, and shine a light on the myriad issues as identified and expressed by the women themselves. Their stories come to life through the pairing of a “persister” and an artist who created a work inspired by her story, other stories take the shape of voice recordings, or handwritten messages, all with the intention of challenging misconceptions and uninformed assumptions. By building awareness of the situations arising before, during and after incarceration, the exhibition Per(Sister) seeks to find common ground and pathways for society to empathetically move forward together.

More information on the exhibition at: